Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2020

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Who is Guru Ravidas?

Guru Ravidas Jayanti
Shri Guru Ravidas Ji

Guru Ravidas was born in the fifteenth century to a wealthy family near the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Family is in the leather business. At a very young age, he showed a spiritual bent and participated in discourses. They were married at a very young age to be involved in worldly affairs. But this did not deter Ravidas. Took her father out and sent him to the family home. Ravidas said that he lives in the house and starts sending shoes for a livelihood.

Why Guru Ravidas Is Popular?

Ravidas’s devotion, universal and casteless love soon spread far and wide. He was against the caste system and untouchability. He stood in support of the lower sect. The caste system was prevalent in his time and low caste people were not allowed to enter temples or schools. He preached universal brotherhood, equality of mankind, compassion and tolerance. It is believed that Meera Bai, who was the queen of Chittor and the daughter of a king of Rajasthan, became his disciple during this period. His songs preached equality and taught that a person is separated from his works and not from his caste. Shri Guru Ravidas is Guru Of Dalit People Who are not accepted by Society and They treated Very badly by Society.

How is Guru Ravidas Jayanti celebrated?

Do followers of Guru Ravidas celebrate this day with much dedication and enthusiasm? Thousands of devotees gather at the Shri Guru Ravidas Janam Asthana Temple in Varanasi to pay tribute to the Guru and offer their prayers. On this day the Akand Marg is read. The flag of Sikhs, named Nishan Sahib, is formally exchanged. A special art and nagar kirtan is also performed. The procession is taken after taking a picture of the Guru. Gurudwaras also have special donors.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2020 date

On Sunday, 9 February Guru Ravidass Jayanti 2020 in India will Celebrated By The Followers of Guru Ravidas Ji worldwide.

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Guru Ravidas Jayanti a holiday?

Ravidas Jayanti is an optional holiday. Employment and holiday laws in India allow employees to choose a limited number of holidays from a list of alternative holidays.

Where is Shri Ravidas Jayanti?

Ravidas Jayanti honors the birthday of Guru Ravidas and this festival is celebrated with extreme enthusiasm in North India, preferably in the Indian state of Punjab

Why we celebrate Shri Guru Ravidas Jayanti?

We Celebrated Ravidas Jayanti Because Ravidas is Truly saint Who Fought Against Caste system and Untouchability.

Who is Ravidas Jayanti?

He was a poet-saint, social reformer and spiritual person.

What is ravidas Mandir?

On 10 August, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) demolished a temple dedicated to Sant Ravidas in the Tughlakabad area of ​​New Delhi.

Who was Meera Bai guru?

Meera Bai Said That The Guru Of meera Bai Was Guru Ravidas ji.


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